The lifestyle changing blog of Jennifer Tegges

About Me
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tsu
To fully understand where we're going, we need to know where we've been.  As for me, it's helpful to know where I started to understand the why around this particular trinity of journeys.

I was always slender as a reed and strong as an ox.  In high school, I topped out at a miniscule 98lbs.  Fast forward to college. I stayed relatively slender and active, what with walking to classes, to work, and basically everywhere!  My car collected dust unless I was going somewhere outside of walking distance.  Once college ended and the desk jobs began, my lifestyle became quite a bit more sedentary, and my diet (which I had never thought too carefully about) changed very little from what I lovingly refer to as my "college student diet".  I drank an insane amount of coffee... often two large pots in a given day... and ate take out on my lunch break.  Couple that with a period of intense depression and other side effects I still attribute to the hormonal birth control Depo Provera, and in a few years I was tipping scales at an average of 180 - 190lbs!  I had almost doubled my body weight and certainly wasn't going to be getting any taller.  I went on a crash diet, and in a couple years I was able to join the US Air Force.  Basic training and constant movement brought me back down to about 120, but by now I was nearing my thirties and my metabolism definitely wasn't what it was.  And now?  I restart the journey to lasting health and vitality from the 163lb point.  Rather than stalling out or falling back, I'm concentrating on lifestyle, diet, and movement changes that are sustainable and repeatable.

Sleeplessness?  Yup. Insomnia? Got it.  I feel like a lot of my sleep issues stemmed from an art major's schedule in college.  I would stay in studio until the wee hours of morning, throw myself into bed for a couple hours, and wake back up just in time to shower, grab a coffee, and head back to class.  Now, in my mid-thirties, I can't exist on 3 hour sleep and mid-day naps.  It's time for me to take control of my sleep and make a change!  While in college again for my Master's Degree, I happened upon a class in what was called Neuro-Pedagogy and it used an understanding of neurobiology and neurologic processes to address classroom problems.  I had my Ah-Ha! moment.  I began tracking my sleep using various mediums and found, much to my surprise, that even tracking had me on the right path for a restful night.  I'm not quite where I want to be, but I'm getting there!
As far as broke? If you're reading this, Im sure I'm not the only one who's been there!  Living paycheck to paycheck, tightening the belt to a stranglehold hoping for just a couple more days, and generally surviving rather than thriving.  I'm sick to death with the idea that real wealth is out of reach for the 99%... and I don't just mean financially.  We trade our lives away, on 8 to 13 hour shift at a time!  I want, when all is said and done, to know my bills are taken care of, my savings is growing, and I have the free time to take on my own projects and execute my own plans.  If you'd like that, too, then come share my journey!  I'd love to share yours!